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Grade Eligibility
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Your GPA Matters

Eligibility: 2.0 GPA No more than 1 Unsatisfactory Citizenship (including tryouts)

Determined by District & CIF policy, but stricter guidelines can be enforced by coaches

Must be enrolled and pass 4 classes

Quarter grades matter. Must have passing grades to stay eligible

A Grade Eligibility Waiver is a Parent, Coach, Athletic Director decision if anyone in the group says "no" then the answer is no. (case by case)

8th Grade grades count towards Fall Sport eligibility

John Cook, Nebraska Volleyball: Good students are disciplined, they do their homework and usually have great time-management skills. If they're making great decisions all week long in the classroom, they're probably going to make great decisions in a match when it matters most.

Chris Petersen, Washington Football: The reality is that college is going to be tougher than high school. To be successful at Washington, you need to be a good student when you get here. Or at the very least, show that you're trending up and making progress in the classroom. Pac 12 football is tough. Being a student at Washington is just as tough. If you're not qualified and motivated, you won't fit in well here.

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